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Hurrah for Tongham TEA! - Hogs Back Brewery

Hurrah for Tongham TEA!

We're kick-starting the celebrations for our 30th anniversary in style, by giving TEA a fresh new look! 

We like the current TEA design but we wanted to simplify and modernise it, and inject some more personality.

So we'll be putting our home village in Surrey firmly on the map with the rebrand of our flagship ale as "Tongham TEA". 
Tongham TEA or Traditional English Ale pump clip

TEA was the first brew by Hogs Back when the brewery opened back in 1992 and was affectionately known then as Tongham TEA.  We liked the alliteration so have decided to include it in the product name.  The acronym TEA, which stands for Traditional English Ale, is spelt out immediately underneath.

New Hogs Back Brewery logo including Surrey Farm Brewer

The book cover style of illustration shows our journey as a brewer and hop grower.  For the first time, we're including "Farm Brewery", as we're leading the way for brewers in the UK who have been founded on a farming heritage that gives them a deep understanding of the ingredients used in brewing.

Tongham TEA pump clip on beer pump

The design is deliberately different from other beers, particularly those with abstract names and designs that currently characterise the craft brewing sector, and reflects our values of being genuinely local and sustainable.

The design is crafted, not "craft", just like our beer!

You may have noticed the simplified Hogs Back branding, in the style of a wrought iron "Brewery Gate". 

Our brand is rooted in Surrey, and we're justifiably proud of that, so we wanted to shout about that too!

The green and orange colour combination has been given a make-over with a fresh, simple colour palette for maximum standout.

Hogs Back Brewery hog

Our hog proudly stands centre stage, as a character who is an integral part of the story telling. 

The path shows the journey to a destination, which has grown to be more than just a brewery.... with our Hop Garden, Shop and Tap Room.

Tongham TEA neck label with Hops Fresh from the Farm

Tongham TEA is brewed with Fuggles hops fresh from our farm.  The hops are grown, picked, dried and stored by Matthew and the brew team, with a little help from our volunteer Hogs Back Hoppers.    

The new design will be rolled out across local pubs and supermarkets soon.

Tongham TEA pump clip and bottle

We hope you like the new design but let us know what you think at

Tongham TEA is available from the Brewery Shop on draught and in bottle, as well as from our Brewery Tap.

Tongham TEA is brewed in small batches with finest English malted barley, Surrey-grown classic bittering hop, Fuggles, and water drawn from the chalk aquifers under the nearby Hogs Back ridge.  It is a classic traditional ale - a malt forward taste with hops providing balance.  A lingering malt sweetness leads to a long, satisfying finish.  Best with rich, full-flavoured meat and cheese dishes. 

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