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Beers From the Past


We have a soft spot for all of our beers but it’s just not possible to brew them all of the time.


These Limited Editions are only brewed for special occasions but regularly appear in the brewing calendar:


Friday 13th is said to be unlucky for some. It certainly was for 6 geese who flew over the village of Tongham on Friday 13th October 1995 and crashed straight into the main power supply to our Brewery, causing a total power cut. The loss of power came at a critical point in the brewing process and in order not to lose the brew, the staff came up with the inspired idea of adding honey to make the beer ferment. The resulting brew tasted so good, that ever since that fateful day, we have brewed Friday 13th whenever that date appears in the calendar.


The same well-balanced amber beer you expect from traditional TEA but with a fresher and more floral aroma.

Green hopped beers (using fresh hops in the brew) were the traditional way to celebrate the gathering in of a successful hop harvest. This year the Fuggles hops were harvested on 4th September and were in the brewhouse later that morning – you can’t get Greener than that!


A deep chestnut coloured ale, brewed with the finest English malted barley and local hops, for a refreshing fruity nose, a sweet liquorice and roasted malt flavour, with a rich dark chocolate aftertaste.

A perfect dark ale for a cold winter’s evening.


A full-bodied, deep amber ale. With subtle hints of sultana, ginger, cinnamon and orange zest. Made with a mulling recipe.

We couldn’t put a real Christmas pudding in our beer, but we think our brew team have got the flavours spot on with this full-bodied festive cracker.


Easy drinking, dark golden beer but with bags of taste. Robust malty tones with slight citrus hints, it is often described as “caramel orange”. Brewed to celebrate all that is good about England!


English Golden Ale. A beer of two halves: refreshingly hoppy up front, followed by a balancing bitterness and a hint of sweetness to finish.

Supporting England can be a bittersweet experience, just like our beer, so we expect Three Hogs to raise a few smiles. And while we always love to see our boys progress all the way, experience suggests that our football-themed beer should be on the bar before the finals!


Every 1,000th brew, we like to have a little celebration here at the Hogs Back Brewery. What better way to celebrate than by creating a unique beer? Completing our 7000th brew felt pretty special. That’s over 80 million pints and counting!

Utopia 7000 Golden Ale was brewed with Fuggles and Cascade hops from our own 2020 harvest, complemented by a fine trio of US hops – Centennial, Mosaic and Ekuanot. For the first time, we decided to can Utopia.


A full bodied beer, with hints of caramel and chocolate finishing with pine and stone fruit hop notes. This black IPA has a clean malt base, finishing with a fruity and piney resinous hop character. Brewed for St Patrick’s Day, we are sure this black IPA will give you a kick of the good ol’ Irish spirit. We wanted to continue keeping this beer after St Patrick’s, so we created Blackwater IPA to keep O’Hogerty’s reign going.


Brewed with 100% Fuggles, grown in our hop garden less than 100 yards from the brew house, and speciality English-grown malts, this traditional ale has a beautiful balance of malty, caramel notes and hops.  Dry-hopping with our Fuggles gives wonderful grassy, mint and floral notes, to this very British brew.  Brewed in honour of Her Majesty’s 70-year reign, we encourage you to join us in raising a glass to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee! A momentous beer for a momentous occasion.


Our special Limited Edition brew, SovereignTEA, celebrates the Platinum Jubilee.  Brewed with Fuggles hops, grown and harvested here at the Brewery, and dry hopped with Bramling Cross, this classic 4.2% traditional ale is a take on TEA.  But for this most royal of occasions, it’s grandly spiced with ginger, chili and cinnamon, for a gentle warmth, and crowned with citrus. A proper celebratory ale! We knew you’d love our Jubilee beer, so we made two of them! Double the beer, for double the fun on this memorable bank holiday.


A cask version of our ever-popular Hog IPA.  Perfect for summer - light and hoppy with a blend of floral and fresh citrus notes upfront, balanced with a long, dry finish. 


We have to say goodbye to some old favourites to make time to explore new beers. Some of these beers are a real blast from the past!


Our 3.8% easy-drinking light amber draught bitter. HBB was originally known as ASB, “A Session Bitter” but is seemed a little mundane for a really interesting beer. So we changed it to the marginally more creative HBB, “Hogs Back Bitter”. We notice a long while ago that it didn’t taste quite the same as it used to and found that we had forgotten a key hop, Bramling Cross. But we soon rectified that to get the brew back to its wonderful, luscious best.


4% Golden Ale brewed with fine English malts and Farnham White Bine whole hop flowers. 100 years ago, fields full of Farnham White Bine hops were a common sight around Farnham. Sadly these have all gone. But our brewers have revived this famous heritage hop in our very own hop garden. This unique beer was first brewed with hops harvested by us on September 21st 2016. These hops are not grown anywhere else in the world. Enjoy your own glass of history!


A perfectly balanced, 5.8% naturally hazy IPA with a smooth creamy backbone from the oats, perfectly complemented by tropical notes and the slightly piney finish that we all love in IPAs. Think stone fruits, berries, lemons, papaya – it’s all there!


Chocolate engineering at its best! This creation is a well-balanced and fulfilling drink with a hint of chocolate that is both unexpected and beautifully complementary.

Working with Montezuma Chocolate makers, we developed a unique way to use the chocolate nibs in Montezuma’s Lordy Lord dark chocolate, and added them to our Hogstar lager rather than a more traditional darker ale. It was a real surprise to us but it was launched to much acclaim and has gone on to win a number of awards. We think it’s the world’s first genuine chocolate lager.


This super-hopped version of our ever-popular Hogstar lager has the refreshing upfront crispness you expect but is bursting with a juicy hop finish.  Brewed with 5 hop varieties including home-grown Cascade, and dry-hopped late in the brewing process with US Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops for that ultimate juicy character.  

Brewed for Valentine’s Day in 2021, we just love it!


A festive red rye beer with characteristic spicy notes.
Session ales are becoming ever more popular and we spotted a gap in the market for a lower ABV festive ale – Yule Hog fits it perfectly. A 3.8% session beer with plenty of flavour but also allowing Santa to enjoy a great half pint and still steer his sleigh safely back to the North Pole.

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4% Pale Ale with a well-balanced, citrus aroma is brewed with the hop varieties we grow on site within 50 yards of the Brewery.

We wanted to create a really innovative beer using all the varieties we grow in our hop garden here at the Brewery, so Hop Harvest Ale was born. In 2016, it was brewed with 3 hops, Cascade, Fuggles and Farnham White Bine and in 2017 we added our fourth hop, Pioneer


Our 4.5% golden Pale Ale.

The Hogs Back Brewery takes its name from the nearby Hogs Back ridge in Surrey. From here on a clear day, you can see London. You can even see fields growing barley and hops. Although Surrey is not remote, it feels like brewing on the wilder side of the capital, in “London’s Outback”.


Snout was developed in 2013. It was named by Charlie Hunt in a staff competition and her prize was a whole pint!  What better name for a stout from the Hogs Back Brewery?


Our 2016 rye ale with spicy notes and a sweet, hoppy finish.

Hogswallop was originally created to mark the EU Referendum in 2016. Our Referendum Beer is designed to loosen the tongues of “pub politicians” and encourage a lively discourse in the run up to the vote on 23rd June. This beer may appear increasingly bitter as 23rd June approached but should mellow somewhat thereafter. The beer was so popular, we decided to brew it again in 2017.


Brewed but once a year, our festive bombshell is aptly named.  One glass of this 7.5% English Pale Ale will surely put a spring in  Santa’s step!


A celebration 7.4% golden, strong English Ale.  Specially brewed to commemorate the birth of our then lady brewster’s baby girl, Charlie, who weighed in at 7lbs 4½ oz!


There’s too many beers to mention them all but here’s a selection of the most popular limited editions:
Damson in distress, our 2015 rich damson porter.
Hoppy Ever After - brewed to celebrate the wedding of Harry and Meghan, with the perfect marriage of American Centennial and English Cascade hops.
Summertime Buzz, our honeyed ale in a bottle.
Biker – our 3.4% golden ale with French aroma hops, brewed to coincide with the Tour de France and the Farnham Bike Ride!
Rye January – our take on a post-Christmas special!

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