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2L Brewery Gate Keg and dispense system- Special Offer

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Introducing our new 2L (roughly 3.5 pints) Brewery Gate keg, complete with its own dispense system.

Our exciting new kegs will get everyone talking. Complete with their own CO2 dispense system, the kegs keep the beer fresher for longer, even after the keg has been opened. You will get the perfect pour every time and be the envy of your friends! When you've finished the beer, just clean your keg and pop back to the Brewery for a refill. Made from high food grade stainless steel, our kegs are fully reusable and have no plastic waste so it’s another step towards making the Brewery more sustainable. 

The kegs can be chilled in the fridge so you can serve your beer at your preferred temperature.

Full instructions of how to assemble, use and clean your kegs will be provided.

Read our guide to the Keg here

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