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Brewery Gate Kegs Arrive in Tongham - Hogs Back Brewery

Brewery Gate Kegs Arrive in Tongham

Introducing our new 5 litre and 10 litre Brewery Gate kegs, complete with their own beer dispense system.

brewery gate 5l and 10l keg and glass
Our exciting new kegs will get everyone talking:
  • The kegs come filled with your choice of our beers, poured fresh from the Brewery 
  • Just attach the CO2 dispense system and you’re ready to pour the perfect pub pint at home

  • Unlike normal containers, these kegs are completely sealed so no air can reach the beer, which means it stays fresher for longer
  • Even when the keg is broached, the beer stays fresh and carbonated for 7-10 days, so the first pint is as good as the last
  • Suitable for all of our cask and kegged ales and lager. The dispense pressure can be fine tuned to give the perfect head to the beer each time
  • The kegs are made from food-grade stainless steel, can be chilled in a fridge and refilled as many times as you like
  • Thoroughly clean the keg before bringing it back to the Brewery for a refill
  • Refills start from just £19.60 (that’s just over £2 per pint) as you’ll only pay for the beer
  • No wasted plastic, just another step towards making the Brewery more sustainable
brewery gate keg and glass in kitchen

Each keg comes with a full set of instructions, but check out our easy-to-follow guides and videos:

How to assemble:

components of brewery gate keg

Constructing the faucet

Constructing spear valve

Attaching beer hose:

Get the best pour:


brewery gate cleaning kit

Be the first to own a Brewery Gate keg.

Available from the Brewery Shop or Click & Collect.

Replacement CO2 capsules and sterilising tablets available from the Brewery Shop too!

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