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Tons of Topsoil! - Hogs Back Brewery

Tons of Topsoil!

Work has begun on phase 2 of the Sunken Garden - our new private events space at the Brewery Tap.  Master Builder Ben and the team are cracking on, despite the heat. 
Digging out the Sunken Garden

The digger is back!  As is our old friend Mark, who helped keep hop picker running during last year’s harvest.  He’s a dab hand with the digger, leveling the piles of earth, and cutting the base into the shelving sides of the reservoir.

Terraces in the Sunken Garden

Apprentice Euan, and Ollie from the Shop Team, have been on hand to line the sides with hop poles and railway sleepers.  They have been making light work of moving them into place.  

Hop poles being moved into position in the Sunken Garden

The "amphi-theatre" style is really taking shape.  There will even be space for a pond!

Railway sleepers in the Sunken Garden

16 tons of topsoil was delivered at lunchtime, but we're going to need considerably more!

It won’t be long before the garden is all planted up and deserving of its proper name, The Sunken Garden.  We can’t wait to see it finished!

Read more about the first stage of the Sunken Garden project.  For all the latest news from the Tap and around the Brewery, sign up to our newsletter below and follow us @HogsBackBrewery on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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