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Even Littler Swine - Hogs Back Brewery

Even Littler Swine

Little Swine Pale Ale just got even littler! 

Our Alcohol Free version is on its way……

Little Swine Alcohol Free Pale Ale bottle

Miles has managed to squeeze it into the brew schedule.  Brewed with about half the malt of a normal brew, to help manage the fermentable sugars, there were plenty of volunteers to dig out that mash tun that day! 

But the hops are the real star of the show – packed with 3 varieties, including our own Cascade, in the copper, before it’s dry-hopped with Mosaic for a full-hopped flavour.  We can’t wait to try a bottle! 

Coming soon to the Brewery Shop and Tap, this will complete Little Swine trio of Alcohol Free 0.5%, Low Alcohol1.2% and our 2.8% "small beer".

 Little Swine Low Alcohol bottle of beer

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