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Bright and Breezy! - Hogs Back Brewery

Bright and Breezy!

Let our bright and breezy Big Squeezy ease you into spring.  Brewed with real lemons and loads of citrus hops, our aromatic, zingy 3.4% easy drinking IPA will be spreading its sunshine in the Shop and Tap soon. 

Fresh lemons

There's a lot of lemons to be cut up!

Fresh lemon halves

Marky A is brewing this IPA.  There’s no stinting on the Centennial and home-grown English Cascade hops in the copper, and together with the dry hopping with Amarillo and more Cascade hops, they give this beer its aromatic citrusy backbone, heightened by lively lemony notes from the fruits themselves.  

Adding hops to the copper

The fresh lemon halves are added during the boil.

Putting lemons into the brew of beer

It’s the first time we’ve used lemons in this way and it’s a delicate balance. Too much citric acid could affect the pH, which in turn could affect the wort and ultimately the fermentation. Luckily the pilot plant is just the place to experiment! 

Big Squeezy IPA beer

Coming soon to the Brewery Shop, online store and Tap.

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