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Polly's - Yonkers

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If we were pressed to name drop what is in our opinion the most underrated and underappreciated hop variety in our day to day brewing here at Polly’s HQ, you’d be hard pressed to find an answer that wasn’t Azacca. A stateside slammer in every sense of the word, this variety has charmed our brew plans ever since our inception back in 2018. Whilst we love it on its own, we feel Azacca really shines when utilised as part of a duo; in the case of Yonkers, we couldn’t look much further than another variety that has whipped up similar levels of frenzy in our brewhouse – Talus. The result is a pale ale that is positively Polly’s – dripping with insane levels of tropical fruits kissed with citrus fruits; tangerine, mango and pineapple are the prominent flavour profiles here, backed up with dried roses, citrus rinds and herbal complexity for balance.

5.6% ABV

440ml can



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