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Welcome Gargoyles - Hogs Back Brewery

Welcome Gargoyles

The Sunken Garden has some more new arrivals in the form of Gargoyles, with two Green Men and a Hog adding a touch of natural beauty and character to our new event space.


The Green Men Gargoyles are a great addition to our Sunken Garden project, with these embellished sculptures having connotations with nature, fertility and, rebirth.

Green Men

The Green Men Gargoyles both represent a man's face mounted by the decorative component of leaves, symbolizing the connection that exists between people and nature.

Green Men

Centered between the Green Men is the new Hog Gargoyle, which constitutes strength and resilience. These Gargoyles will fit perfectly within the Sunken Garden.


We are happy to have three new additions to the Hogs Back team. Cant wait for you to see them!

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