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Get Ready With Your Tokens! - Hogs Back Brewery

Get Ready With Your Tokens!

At this year's Party weekend, we’re introducing tokens! 

Sustainable beer tokens

This will make it quicker and easier for you to purchase all your food and drink.

Tokens will be on sale by the entrances for Roots Live, the Hop Harvest Festival and the TEA Party, and also from the Merchandising stand in the Yard. 

You can buy as many or as few as you like with cash or credit card (excluding American Express) at our Token Stations.  You can redeem your tokens at any of the bars or food stalls on the day.  We regret we won't be able to accept cash or card at any of the bars or food stalls so make sure you get your tokens before you queue!

Our lovely new tokens have been made from recycled fishing nets.  At the end of their life, they can be recycled, so another way to make our business more sustainable.

For more information about our new token system, be sure to check out our FAQs:

Can I pay with card and cash at the bars and food stalls?

No! This year, we will be operating a TOKEN ONLY scheme to purchase all food and drinks.

Will you be accepting card and cash at the Token Stations?

You can buy tokens at the special Token Stations on the day with cash or card.  Please note we don’t accept American Express. 

Where do I buy the tokens for food and drink?

There will be special Token Stations on the day.  They will be clearly marked by the two entrances and by the Merchandise stand in the yard.

Will I get change for my tokens?

No, all food and drink pricing will match the tokens to make it easier.

Can I use these tokens on Saturday and Sunday?


What happens if I have left over tokens?

We regret we will not be able to refund any unused tokens.  But if you wanted to make a donation to our chosen charity, you can put the tokens in the charity buckets on the way out and we will donate the equivalent amount to charity.

Can I use any left over tokens in the Brewery Shop and Tap after the event?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I use any left over tokens at next year’s Hop Harvest parties?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I buy tokens in advance?

Unfortunately, no.  Tickets will only be available to purchase on the day.

All information correct at time of publishing (30/8/23).

For more information about the Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party, check out our Party page.

Or book your tickets here: Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party.

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