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The 2023 Harvest officially starts! - Hogs Back Brewery

The 2023 Harvest officially starts!

This Tuesday saw the beginning of our hop harvest, with Mathew and the Hoppers voyaging out into the middle of the Hop Garden by our beautiful Massey Ferguson tractor, to start cutting down the bines with our automatic bine cutter.


Mathew and our Hoppers enter the Hop Garden. It was a tight squeeze!

Hop Garden

After the first successful cut of our harvest, the tractor hauled a trailer load full of Fuggles back to the Hangar.

Massey Ferguson

Unfortunately, we had a tractor malfunction which led to the team dragging all the cut bines to the Hangar instead. Working throughout the harvest period is said to be like having a free gym membership.

Hop Harvest

The bines are then attached at the bottom of the track and sent up into the picking machine.


After the picking machine does its magic, the Hoppers quality check the hops looking for any still attached to vines.

Hop Quality Check

After the bags are full of beautiful fresh hops, they are baled up and sent to store.

Baled Up

Luckily, we were able to use some of the first batch of hops in our recently brewed Green TEA!

Green TEA

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