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Tongham TEA Clubbers Taste O'Hogerty - Hogs Back Brewery

Tongham TEA Clubbers Taste O'Hogerty

Another riveting success at the Hogs Back Tap as we welcomed our Tongham Tea Club members and their guests into our hangar to taste our new O’Hogerty! Don't be fooled by its dark colour, it's still as delicious as you'd want your IPA to be. Our members were welcomed at the door by Miles, our head brewer, and greeted with a delicious flagon of O’Hogerty to enjoy for the evening.

Miles and Mark holding glass flagons

As everyone settled down, enjoying the food and drink served by our esteemed bar team, they were enlightened by brief introductions from both Rupert and Miles. 

Rupert discussed with the audience about the new changes that have undergone at the brewery recently, including new staff and apprentices, and future plans to improve the brewery. He explained about the new positive renovations that we have done on site, such as Matthew going hard at work digging the drainage ditches for our lovely hop garden, and the delightful redecoration of our Hogs Back Tap. Find out more about these changes on our news page. 

Miles and Rupert speaking in front of audience

Miles led on from Rupert with a talk about our new O’Hogerty black IPA, with notes of coffee, chocolate and hops. He went on to mention our future product releases of beers, in celebration of Easter, Father’s Day and the Platinum Jubilee. Both Rupert and Miles were happy to answer various questions that our TEA club members had regarding past, current and future beers.  

Overall, a successful evening with many of our TEA club members getting a taste for our new beer. There was plenty of O’Hogerty to go around and it was fantastic to see so many faces in our hangar again. We hope to see lots of people returning for our spectacular events coming up such as Peach & The Prairie Dogs live this Saturday at the Hogs Back Tap! Visit our events page to find out more about our upcoming events.  

4 people sat at a table enjoying themselves

If you are interested in becoming one of our outstanding Tongham TEA Clubbers, please visit our membership page and join our exclusive members program for just £40 a year. If you would like to try O’Hogerty for yourself, you can browse our range of Snorters here. For all the up to date news about the Hogs Back Brewery, sign up to our free newsletter below and follow @HogsBackBrewery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Snorter and glass of O'Hogerty on a table with a motorbike in the background

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