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Plastic Free July - Hogs Back Brewery

Plastic Free July

For Plastic Free July, we are trying to reduce our single use plastic even further.  So can we persuade you to put aside the plastic PET bottle and invest in a reusable, refillable glass 3.5 pint Snorter or 1.75 pint Snifter? 

Once you’ve paid £5 for your Snorter or £3 for your Snifter, you can keep refilling as many times as you like.  As you are not paying for a plastic container each time, the price you pay is cheaper!  What’s more, our Snorters and Snifters will keep your beer fresher!

Or if you are feeling flush, why not invest in a Brewery Gate keg?  Our sleek and stylish stainless steel containers come with their own CO2 dispense system, so you get the perfect pub pour from the first to the last pint.  Choose from 2 litre, 5 litre or our 10 litre keg.  Fully refillable so you can choose your favourite tipple each time!

Let’s see if together we can make a difference this month for Plastic Free July!

All available from the Brewery Shop.

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