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More New Skills!

It’s time to check in with Commis Chef Apprentice Chloe as she tackles her second off-site assignment. 

This time it was off to Newlyns Farm in nearby Odiham to meet up with her trainer.  Although the trainer was the same, the tasks were very different.  But if there is one thing that Chloe likes, it’s a challenge!  Here’s how she got on…..

Q: Which skills were you learning this time?

A: We learned how to use different techniques and methods to cook just one type of fish – sea bream - as well as two different types of meat – lamb belly and duck.

Q: How did you find it?

A: It’s quite complicated as there are multiple skills to learn! You have to know how to prepare the meat and fish properly so I got to try de-boning and butcher tying the meat, as well as filleting the sea bream.  Then it was all about the cooking – braising and slow roasting takes a long time and the meat becomes very tender.

It was definitely more challenging than last time and you really have to concentrate!

Q: What was the best part?

Meeting all the other Commis Chefs apprentices.  It’s a new group each time so that makes it really interesting and I get to meet lots more people.  But I also like tasting my dishes too!

Q: Which dishes did you cook?

A: Sea Bream with roasted vegetables as well as duck breast with vegetables and noodles.

Q: What did your tutor think of your dishes?

A: Luckily she really liked them!  She thought they were well presented.  Choosing the right dish to suit your food is also important.

Q: Have you been able to use your newly learned skills?

A: Yes!  I have recently been on holiday to Turkey and I go the chance to buy fresh fish and teach my family all my new skills and cook the fish on the BBQ.  Delicious!

The dishes look amazing and Chloe has a bit of a breather until her next off-site training in August, but she'll be busy in the Tap honing her skills until then!

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