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Little Swine Just Got Littler!

Little Swine Just Got Littler!

Meet Little Swine's little brother!

Introducing the latest addition to our Little Swine range – Little Swine Low Alcohol 1.2% Pale Ale.

Brewing a good lower alcohol beer in the traditional way, without losing the all-important flavour, is notoriously difficult.  But Little Swine 1.2% is a real belter.

The brewhouse process may have been changed and it may be brewed with slightly less malted barley and wheat, as well as unfermentable malt, to limit the fermentable sugars that produce the alcohol, but Miles hasn’t stinted on the hops!  Three different hops, including the wonderfully aromatic English Cascade from our own hop garden, really give this pale ale its full character.  For good measure, Miles has dry-hopped with Mosaic, to really pack in the flavour.  If you did a “blind tasting”, we defy you to guess that it’s only 1.2% ABV!

If the truth be told, this brew really started out as our Little Swine Alcohol Free beer.  It went through the brew house and fermentation beautifully, but as it conditioned, the analytics for alcohol content were a little high.  But the beer tasted so good, Miles decided to bottle it anyway.  So that’s why we are launching this "littler" Swine.

Crisp and refreshing, Little Swine Low Alcohol will be perfect for a hot summer’s day, particularly as each 330ml bottle only contains 0.4 units of alcohol.  Available now from Brewery Shop and Tap as a one-off special!

In the meantime, Miles is still trying to find time in the busy brew schedule to work on the perfect Littlest Swine recipe for our Alcohol Free version!

Little Swine Low Alcohol beer bottle and glass

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