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Tasting lager

Latest Hogstar Lager!

You can’t rush a good lager!  Our Hogstar Sky Blue trial on the pilot plant has been maturing in its conditioning tank for 5 weeks now.  Marky A got the honour of trying it and pronounced it ready! 

Tasting Hogstar Sky Blue Lager

So it’s being kegged today and will hit the Brewery Shop and Tap next week.

Hogstar Sky Blue Lager

Our new 4% Hogstar Sky Blue is less hoppy and less bitter, so perfect as a summer session lager!  It’s everything you would expect from Hogstar – unpasteurised and suitable for vegans, but as it's unfiltered, there's a haze.

Hogstar Sky Blue Lager glass

Brewed with lager malt and wheat as normal, but with the addition of maize to add a touch of sweetness, and rice to give a dry, light flavour.

There’s a new special lager yeast as well as two German hops and a little home-grown Cascade for aroma and flavour.

Trying a glass of Hogstar Sky Blue lager

Hogstar Sky Blue will be pouring in the Brewery Shop and Tap next week.  If you fancy an invite to our upcoming exclusive tasting, join the Tongham TEA Club now!

Did you know…? The word “lager” comes from the German verb “to store”, so true to its name, our new lager has been matured over time to allow the flavours to develop.

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