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JC & Angelina - Hogs Back Brewery

JC & Angelina


JC & Angelina Grimshaw wowed the audience with their performance on the stage at the Hogs Back Brewery Tap last night.

JC& Angelina Grimshaw performing live at Brewery Tap

Their virtuoso playing of a variety of instruments, including guitars, mandolin and  mouth organ couldn't fail to impress the appreciative audience. 



Angelina's voice - full of soul and feeling - was the perfect accompaniement.
Hailing from the Isle of Wight, the brother-and-sister duo performed their unique blend of early blues and jazz inspired numbers.
JC & Angelina Grimshaw
With plenty of pints and pizzas, a good night was had by all.
Our next live music is Bloomfield Avenue on Friday 29th April.  Book here.
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