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Hop Blessing 2022 - Hogs Back Brewery

Hop Blessing 2022

Join us in the Hop Garden for our annual Hop Blessing on Thursday 26th May.

We’re delighted that Rev. Claire Holt, of St Paul’s Church in Tongham, will once again be officiating for us at this traditional ceremony to help bring an abundant harvest.

Hop Blessing Ceremony

Ascension Day was traditionally chosen for crop blessings as by this time in the year, new growth would be shooting up.  A group of young and old people, usually led by the priest, would walk around the boundaries of the parish, stopping at each boundary post to pray for the protection of the crops. 

Hop Blessing ceremony with audience

After last year, when Covid forced a “virtual” ceremony streamed straight from the hop garden, with Rev. Holt and just a handful of staff, it will be doubly special to be back in the hop garden at Manor Farm, Tongham, with a live audience this Ascension Day.  There will be a few words of welcome, followed by the brief ceremony. 

Hop Blessing audience

To reserve your free place.

On arrival, please check in at the Brewery Tap for your complimentary pint of beer (over 18’s only!) with which to toast the Hop Garden.

Please wear suitable clothing – it may be a little cooler and windier than expected in the hop garden. The ground may be uneven underfoot so please wear suitable shoes. 

The Brewery Tap will be open from 5pm until 11pm, and you will be more than welcome to stay on in the Brewery Tap, Hangar and Beer Garden.

Here’s hoping for an auspicious harvest!

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