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Getting ready to grist in! - Hogs Back Brewery

Getting ready to grist in!

There’s a buzz of excitement in the brewhouse this week as preparations get underway to brew our new lager.  

Pilot brew plant

Hogstar Sky Blue will be a trial brew on the pilot plant.  Miles and the team are getting ready to grist in......

Miles looking at malted barley

Back in 2013-14, Miles and the team developed a number of lager recipes, and finally opted for Hogstar.  Good choice!  Whilst the team have added a limited edition Hogstar super-hopped Juicy Lager, they thought it was about time to trial another.  Our new 4% Hogstar Sky Blue will be slightly less hoppy and less bitter. Perfect timing for the summer!

lager malt

This new recipe will be brewed with lager malt and wheat as normal, but with the addition of maize to add a touch of sweetness, and rice to give a dry, light flavour.

There’s a new special lager yeast as well as two German hops and a little home-grown Cascade for aroma and flavour.

Like Hogstar, our Sky Blue trial will be matured for up to 4 weeks to let the flavour naturally develop.  The word “lager” comes from the German verb “to store” so Hogstar Sky Blue won’t be hitting the Brewery Shop and Tap until July but put it on your radar now!

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