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Fame! - Hogs Back Brewery


When our tenants moved into the Big Green Shed, little did we expect to feature in one of their films! 

Film crew

It was a little surreal when Tollywood met Tongham and several of the staff turned down the offer to star as extras!

Film crew

Tollywood is the name for the Eastern Indian film industry centred around Kolkata (formerly Calcutta, whose name was changed in 2001 to reflect its original Bengali pronunciation).

Film star

Several scenes were shot here for a Tollywood action love story between Babu and Shona, hence the film’s title, “Babushona”.  The film features an evil brewery owner, who in the end, sees the error of his ways. 

The “brewery owner” is a big star and is normally accompanied by two burly armed guards!

Whilst Hogs Back Brewery may have found five minutes of fame, we don’t think it will be the making of our fortune! 

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