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Friday 13th - Lucky for Some?

With Friday 13th May fast approaching, Miles is busy in the brew house brewing a batch of our special honeyed ale.  Brewed with 100% Fuggles in the copper, and dry-hopped late in the fermentation process, with added honey, it has all the balance of TEA, with a subtle sweet finish.  Lucky us!

Miles adding honey to Friday 13th

Friday 13th is said to be unlucky for some. It certainly was for 6 geese who flew over the village of Tongham on Friday 13th October 1995 and crashed straight into the main power supply to the Brewery, causing a total power cut.  The loss of power came at a critical point in the brewing process and in order not to lose the brew, the staff came up with the inspired idea of adding honey to make the beer ferment.  The resulting brew tasted so good, that ever since that fateful day, we have brewed Friday 13th whenever that date appears in the calendar.

Friday 13th will be available in the Brewery Shop and Tap room from Friday 13th May, while stocks last!

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