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Big Squeezy Scales Up - Hogs Back Brewery

Big Squeezy Scales Up

This morning saw Big Squeezy in the brewhouse.  Our latest 3.4% aromatic IPA is brewed with real lemons, alongside Centennial and home-grown Cascade in the boil, before it's dry hopped with Amarillo for the final citrus zing!

Cutting fresh lemons

Scaled up from the trial brew on the pilot plant, the brew team were up bright and early cutting 660 lemons ready to go into the 40 barrel brew!

Marky B and Nash with fresh lemonsMarky A and Nash took delivery of the freshly cut lemons.....

Adding fresh lemons to the boil

...before adding them to the boil.

Fresh lemons in the boil

With a real hit of citrus, Big Squeezy is coming soon to the Brewery Shop, online store and Tap.

Big Squeezy IPA beer and glass

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