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Busy Building at the Brewery - Hogs Back Brewery

Busy Building at the Brewery

The Brewery is turning 30 in August and I think we all agree the site is looking a little tired, so we are setting about sprucing it all up.  We are making changes, some big, some small, as part of the long-term plan to transform the site into a real destination and put Hogs Back Brewery and Tongham firmly on the map!


Master Builder, Ben, has been instrumental in drawing up the plans and doing the technical drawings.  He’s even learnt how to interpret some of Rupert’s Heath Robinson sketches!  Luckily Ben is only just a step away down The Street in Tongham, so he’s been able to oversee all the work, as well as help train and mentor our Facilities Apprentice, Euan.

The pizza oven is on the move to its new home.  It’s mighty heavy and called for plenty of help, both mechanical and human.  Under the watchful eye of Ben, the oven was carefully manoeuvred, or should that be man-handled, into place.

That was relatively easy compared to the mammoth task of raising the new marquee, when it really was a case of all hands on deck.  It’s a bit of a monster!

It needed all the skill and ingenuity of Ben and Euan to get it safely into position.  But the results were definitely worth it.  The striking marquee provides a real focal point for the yard, as well as much needed seating space.

Our electrician, Gareth, will be making the finishing touches to the lighting, and Ben will be be turning his attention to the heating.....

Colin has taken delivery of three more silver birch trees  to bring a bit of welcome greenery to the yard.

It’s been busier than ever in the kitchen and as we continue to add more dishes to the menu, a new cooker hood was called for.

It’s amazing what a lick of paint and a new gate can do!

Ollie has put his landscape gardening skills to good use, to pot up the primroses.

And it’s only a question of time before the Ladies and Gents signs go up on the loo doors!

They say you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but we’re having a jolly good go!

Next up, we tackle the roof in the old Bonded warehouse and the Shop stillage is due for a makeover.

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