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We're Off! - Hogs Back Brewery

We're Off!

We're off! It’s the first day of our 2022 hop harvest. The Hogs Back Hoppers have gathered in numbers to help bring in this year’s harvest.

Hogs Back Hoppers in the hop trailer

The Hangar has been transformed into the Hop Harvest HQ and will be a hive of activity.

While the dew burns off the hops, Matthew briefs the team…… 

Hogs Back Hoppers briefing

The first tractor, with Matthew at the wheel, left at 7.45am, pulling the new automated Bine Puller Trailer, with the team on board. 

Tractor with Hogs Back Hoppers

Hogs Back Hopppers

This latest bit of kit should help reduce some of the manual labour in pulling down the whole hop bines from the wires, so Matthew is keen to see how it will work….

Tractor in the hop garden

The first hops have been safely delivered back to the Hangar!

Freshly harvested hops

Freshly harvested hops

Follow the progress of this year’s hop harvest with Matthew and the team with our blog updates, or sign up to our newsletter below or follow us @HogsBackBrewery on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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