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Volunteer opportunities with the Hogs Back Hoppers - Hogs Back Brewery

Volunteer opportunities with the Hogs Back Hoppers

We were blown away by the local supporters who signed up to join the Hogs Back Hoppers in the summer - without them the hop harvest wouldn't have been possible. If you looked at all the coverage from this year's harvest and wish you could have got involved, well we are still looking out for new Hoppers to join the volunteer group!

Work in the Hop Garden happens all year round and Matthew, the Hop Garden Manager is getting ready for the Autumn dressing of the hops. Here is his latest garden update:

The Hop Harvest concluded a number of weeks ago however with this perennial crop, nurturing continues twelve months a year. However, due to the above average temperature for this time of the year, the Hop is still providing green shoots!! therefore, I must patently wait for the crop to settle down before the next stage, being Hop 'dressing' where all the bines are cut down to the ground ensuring the hop crown is no longer exposed in order to lie dormant throughout the Winter months.

I plan to undertake this on the week starting November 15th.

If available anytime then & onwards to assist with this detail than please do throw your hat into the ring. I cannot state how long this will take but hopefully this will end by mid-December.

Naturally this role is outdoor work with the weather not always on our side. It also involves labour intensive and repetitive bending down etc. I will suggest/recommend you only volunteer for half a day at a time but of course I will leave this decision for you.

Also, I may consider the odd Super Saturday (inc. beer & pizza) to involve many who cannot commit to the 'working week' depending on interest etc.

Please do spread the word to friends / family who may wish to join our club.

All the best to everyone. M

If you would be happy to rise to the challenge and might be able to lend a few hours in exchange for some beer and potentially a weekend pizza please drop an email to It would be very helpful if you could indicate which dates and times (morning or afternoon) you might be able to join in.

We will be in touch with all those that enquire in the next couple of weeks. Many thanks and we hope to meet you very soon!

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