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Hogs Back's response to the 2021 Autumn Budget - Hogs Back Brewery

Hogs Back's response to the 2021 Autumn Budget

Rupert Thompson, owner of Hogs Back Brewery, based near Farnham in Surrey, said: “We are very supportive of the Chancellor’s announcements on duty which are bold, far reaching and demonstrate a good understanding of why it’s important to avoid damaging, tax-driven market distortions.

“The new Draught Relief, freeze to the planned increase on beer duty, and the business rates discount, are very much welcomed, and show that the Government recognises the special role pubs play at the heart of our communities, and the very heavy costs that they bear. However, anomalies on VAT charged on food in pubs versus supermarkets remain a long-term problem.

“We applaud the move to simplify the duty system, which promises to be much fairer. With smaller cider makers now set to benefit from duty relief on ciders under 8.5% ABV, we support wide consultation and learning from the review of Small Breweries’ Relief. It is important to avoid the unintended anomalies that caused many problems for mid-sized brewers and constrained normal market growth.

“Overall, this is a good Budget for British pubs and British brewers. We will be raising a glass to the Chancellor and once all the details of duty reform are sorted out we may even brew him a special celebratory no alcohol pint!”

Thank you to all the supporters of the Hogs Back who signed the Long Live the Local petition - overall it was signed 134,118 times, showing the unprecedented support of the public to Pubs and Breweries.

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