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Time for Green TEA - Hogs Back Brewery

Time for Green TEA

The 2022 hop harvest is underway so while Matthew and the Hoppers are busy in the hop garden, the rest of the brew team are taking the opportunity to use some of the wonderful fresh hops for their first green-hopped brew of the season.

The dew was hardly off the Fuggles hop bines when they were picked fresh this morning from the hop garden and delivered to the Hangar, which for the month of September is Hop Harvest HQ.

The vibrant green Fuggles hops were stripped from the bine by the picker, carefully sorted and bagged up ready for collection by the brew team.  Then it was straight into the waiting brew of TEA in the copper…..

The hops have literally travelled the few hundred yards from the hop garden to the copper in less than an hour.  You can’t get fresher than that.  So when we says “hops fresh from our farm” we really do mean it!

There’s something very special about the first brew with the new season hops and this year is no exception.  We’re really looking forward to trying this first batch of Green TEA, with its grassy aroma and subtle green-hopped flavour.  Look out for it in the Shop, online store and Bar shortly, and of course at the Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party.

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