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Supporting Dementia First for the HHF - Hogs Back Brewery

Supporting Dementia First for the HHF

Every year, we choose a local charity to support with money raised from our Hop Harvest Festival and TEA Party. This year's charity will be Dementia First, an independent charity based near Redhill.

Dementia First provide day care services in East Surrey solely for people with a diagnosis of Dementia. They also provide information and support service for carers and family members.

Their approach to providing our service is to seek, listen and act upon the needs and experiences of people affected by dementia. They do this by being:
  • Flexible in their approach to the changing needs in the care they are providing, catering for all types and stages of dementia
  • Innovative in their thinking to face challenges and methods of collecting and acting upon feedback
  • Respectful of each other, listening to people with dementia, carers, staff, volunteers and professionals to provide holistic care
  • Supportive of each other, working as a team to act on feedback and provide the best possible care and support for people with dementia and their carers
  • Transparent in all they do, to be open and honest in all aspects of their care and communications building their relationships on trust

The money will be raised through specific activities at our Hop Harvest Festival and TEA Party. Enjoy a dray ride with our heavy horse for just £2 or snap a cool photo of yourself on our famous Hogs Back motorbike for £2. All the proceeds from this will go directly to Dementia First.

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