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Old Cow Byre Renovation - Hogs Back Brewery

Old Cow Byre Renovation

Builder Ben and Apprentice Euan are working wonders in transforming the Old Cow Byre.

The inside of the former building merchant has been completely stripped and everything that can is being recycled.

Inside of the building

There’s a new damp proof course.

The timber inside has been treated to preserve it.

Euan shows his expertise as he cuts the perfect shape out of the brickwork and carefully manoeuvres the old bricks out of place.

Euan cuts out the bricks

The new windows are fitted in a trice.

Prop supporting the new window opening

Old Cow Byre

 A new doorway has appeared!

New door

The loos are arriving today!

The walls have had a fresh coat of paint and work will soon begin to split the Old Cow Byre into two brand-spanking new units.

Euan painting the wall

Now sporting its new terracotta livery, The Old Cow Byre is almost ready to receive its new tenants!

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