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Spiky Burrs Bursting Out - Hogs Back Brewery

Spiky Burrs Bursting Out

The burrs in the garden are bursting out!

Hop burrs

It's a sure sign that the all-important hop cones will be on their way soon!

Hop burrs

At the bottom of the hop garden, the Farnham White Bine hops are in fine fettle.

Hop Garden

Hop garden

But it's a different story at the top of the garden, where the Fuggles hops have been struggling for moisture. 

Hop garden

Although we love sunny summer school holidays, the hops are really enjoying the showers! 

Mending the tractor

Less so Matthew and Alan, who were caught in a shower whilst tinkering with the engine and trying to coax the tractor back to life! 

So we're on the look out for the first of the hop cones, which should be appearing in the next few weeks and Matthew will get the first good indication of the harvest.

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