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Peach & The Prairie Dogs Live Performance - Hogs Back Brewery

Peach & The Prairie Dogs Live Performance

Peach & The Prairie Dogs performed a spectacular show at the Hogs Back Tap - not a single table was empty! They had everyone singing along and dancing to their music, a wonderful night for everyone.

With hits like Eye Of The Tiger, Country Road, and some fantastic Eagles covers, the audience were begging for encores! In fact, the band ended up performing 3 extra encores because we couldn't get enough. They ended on a belter, singing Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. The music was so catchy and upbeat that Peach & The Prairie Dogs had lots of people up and dancing to the music! Even the bar staff were enjoying the music from behind the bar.

Peach & The Prairie Dogs performing in front of audience

We would be thrilled to invite them back to our Hangar to give us a show again as they are one of our most popular bands!

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