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Our Littlest Swine Ever!

Our Littlest Swine Ever!

Little Swine Alcohol-Free Pale Ale hits the Brewery Shop and Tap.  This naturally brewed Pale Ale is big and bold, just without the alcohol.

This has been a labour of love for Miles, but he’s absolutely smashed it!

Bottle of Little Swine 0.5% Pale Ale

The hops are the real stars of the show.  Blending 3 different hops, including aromatic Cascade from our hop garden, a speciality yeast and a mix of 4 speciality fermentable and unfermentable malts, our Pale Ale is beautifully crafted in the brewhouse to get the very best out of each ingredient whilst managing the fermentable sugars that produce the alcohol.  Brewing with about half the malt of a normal brew helps control the attenuation (or fermentable sugars) is just one of the changes that Miles has had to make to his normal brewing regime.

The result is a crisp, smooth, authentic flavoured 0.5% ABV beer.  Dry-hopped with Mosaic, for a robust citrus finish, and finely balanced with a light malt backbone, it’s full bodied and packed with flavour, just without the alcohol.

The first Alcohol-Free beer in the history of Hogs Back Brewery, it joins the Little Swine “family”, alongside its 1.2% Low Alcohol brother and the original 2.8% Little Swine Pale Ale launched in 2019.

Perfect for a hot, sunny day!  Available in 330ml bottles from the Brewery Shop, online store and Tap.

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