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Heaps of Hops!

Heaps of Hops!

Thanks to our volunteers, staff, and main main Matthew, we finished our hop harvest in 2 1/2 weeks!

They powered through one tractor puncture, one power cut and 2 afternoons of heavy rain! 


It took:

  • 2 days to harvest Farnham White Bine - a total of 210.30kgs of hops
  • 7 days to harvest Fuggles - a total of 1124.60kgs of hops
  • 3 days to harvest English Cascade - a total of 753.30kg of hops

All in all, thats a whacking 2088.20 kilos of hops, equating to over 40 zentners in old hop money. In 2021, we harvested over 80 zentners... This year is all about quality!


We had a grand team of 7 full time staff and over 50 individual volunteers throughout the harvest, some powering through multiple days, some lending a hand here and there. Every bit of help was much appreciated by Matthew and truly couldn't be done without it.


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