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Hibernating Hops! - Hogs Back Brewery

Hibernating Hops!

It has definitely been a month of contrasts this December in the Hop Garden!

Vegetation in the hop garden

All the hard work from the Hoppers in getting the hop plants “dressed” in November has really paid off.  The plants had been cut right back to ground level in an attempt to get them to “hibernate” over the winter.....

Frosty grass

.....and then came the cold snap!  

Hop garden in frostWith a deep frost covering the hop garden, it was very picturesque, against a beautiful blue sky.

Frozen water in the Sunken Garden

The last of the water in the Sunken Garden froze over....

Frozen pond did the pond in the copse beside the hop garden.

Deer running

The deer made a quick run for it.......

Deer in field

......but were not too bothered by their visitor.

Teasels in front of the hop garden There’s still plenty of vegetation in the hop garden and Matthew will be tackling this in the new year, particularly after the deluge of rain, which has given the ground (and the weeds!) a good soaking.

Fence and field in frost

In the meantime, Matthew has done more work on the fence as well as some generally tidying up, before taking a well-deserved break for Christmas!

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