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Can't De-Cider What To Get? - Hogs Back Brewery

Can't De-Cider What To Get?

In the Hogs Back Brewery Shop, you will find a new range of delicious ciders, such as Sandford Devon Red Cider, alongside our very own Hazy Hog! There's nothing that feels more refreshing in the summer time than a cold crisp cider, made with the freshest picked apples.

In light of this beautiful weather we are experiencing, let us share with you some of our fantastic range of ciders, with varying sweetness, so everyone is bound to find one that they enjoy.

The Purbeck Cider Company originates from Dorset, beginning with just one man who dreamt of making his own cider. The founder, Joe, began his path into cider by researching Dorset's long forgotten apple trees in order to find the best type of apple for his ciders. Now, 18 years later, The Purbeck Cider Company are still just as determined to create great quality cider as when they started, which is why we have chosen to stock their Purbeck No.10 4.8% ABV and Purbeck Dorset Draft Cider 5% ABV in our shop.

The Purbeck Company Ciders and Glass

Sandford Orchards are an independent and family-owned company based in the heart of Devon, and have been creating their cider since 2002. They are proud to say that they work in the oldest working cider mill in the UK and only use the finest bittersweet apples in their drink. The founder and owner, Barny, strives to make sure that they only use locally grown fruit and never add artificial flavouring to ensure the best taste they can.  We sell their Sandford Devon Red Cider 4.5% ABV and Sandford Devon Mist Cider 4.5% ABV so you can decide hazy or clear? 

Sandford Devon Ciders and a Glass

Cornish Orchards have been creating their delicious cider since 1992, the same year that we first brewed Tongham TEA! Their founder, Andy, drew his motivation from the Cornwall Council's plans to save and rejuvenate the old apple tree orchards, and his strong will to support the local birds and wildlife. Andy planted 3 orchards on Westnorth Manor Farm to create the perfect wildlife habitat and grow one of the county's largest variety of Cornish apples. Today, they have an esteemed team of 25 local staff working hard to produce full-flavoured, whole fruit drinks. We are delighted to stock their Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider 5% ABV and Cornish Orchards Dry Cider 5.2% ABV so you can find the cider that's right for you.

Cornish Orchard Ciders and Glass

Want the gorgeous refreshing apple taste without the alcohol? We sell just the thing in our Hogs Back Shop - Wignac Lady Squirrel Cider 0% ABV.  Wignac Lady Squirrel Cider comes all the way from Ardennes, France, providing fresh organic cider for everyone. With a unique history, Wignac stands out as it was inspired by a woman, Belle, who grew up surrounded by fruit trees and loved snacking on the gorgeous crisp apples, and watching her parents drink cider created from the trees in the Ardennes Forest. Pop down to the Hogs Back Shop to find this treat stocked on our shelves.

Wignac Cider and Glass

Our star cider is the famous Hazy Hog 5% ABV, created by us! We can't get enough of our perfectly crisp bittersweet cider. Each sip fills your mouth with full-bodied flavour, as it's made with the finest English apples. We even won an award for it! Hazy Hog won Bronze in the International Cider Awards 2019 in the West Country Style Category - read more about this here. Traditionally created, we add back the bittersweet apple juice after fermentation and part maturation in large oak vats, which gives it that Cidre Doux style of Brittany and Normandy. Our Hazy Hog is cloudy, gently sparkling and perfectly 'apple-y'. It's available to buy as a single bottle (in-store only), packs of 12 bottles, a gift pack (including a Hogs Back Glass) or help us be more sustainable and purchase one of our Snifters or Snorters for the freshest cider you can get!

Hazy Hog Cider and Glass

Overwhelmed by choices and not sure what to try? Have a look at our Cider Selection Box, which offers 6 different ciders, including Hogs Back Hazy Hog, Thatchers and Cornish Orchards. Explore the different flavours and find the one that's best for you in one box! Whether you prefer sweet or dry ciders, hazy or clear, we are sure that you will find one to tickle your taste-buds and have you coming back for more. 

Variety Pack of 6 ciders and a glass

There are many other ciders in our shop so be sure to come down and check them out. There's a great range from our friends at Thatchers Cider, with Rascal, Rosé, Katy and their 2020 Vintage so if you're looking to explore the various different types of cider then you've come to the right place.

4 bottles of Thatchers and 2 glasses

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