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Check out the Bar for 2023 Hop Harvest Party - Hogs Back Brewery

Check out the Bar for 2023 Hop Harvest Party

Welcome to the 2023 guide to the Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party Bars!

On the Bars at this year’s Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party…….

The Yard Bar, in its usual place beside the Shop, will be selling the full range.

As will the new Hangar Bar.

In the Tap Room Bar, you’ll be able to purchase teas & coffees, soft drinks and a limited range of beer (Hogstar, Hog IPA and Hazy Hog).

On tap, our finest line-up of award-winning cask and kegged ales, lager and cider….

  • TEA 4.2% - Traditional English Ale – a beautiful balance between hops and malt, with a hint of sweetness
  • Surrey Nirvana 4% - Session IPA – easy drinking, citrus and hoppy
  • Hogstar 4.5% - Craft Lager – crisp, cool and refreshing
  • Hog IPA 4.5% - IPA – light, hoppy, citrus
  • Hazy Hog Cider – 5% - full-flavoured, refreshingly cloudy

No Hop Harvest celebration would be complete without Green TEA, brewed with green hops fresh from the hop garden, picked on the morning of the brew.  It’ll be the first brew of the season using the 2023 harvest.

Grab yourself a pint or a half, or even a shandy.

Or opt for something a little lighter, with a Little Swine Pale Ale at 2.8% or 0.5%. 

This year, we’ll be doing away with our 5.5 pint PET plastic containers to reduce our single use plastic. 

All our beers will be served in our resuable plastic glasses.

When we say your glass is reusable, don’t worry!  We’re taking the usual precautions, so when you return your plastic glass to the bar, we’ll give you a fresh, clean glass each time for your beer.  The used glasses will be taken away, thoroughly cleaned and stored away for the next big event!

By using these reusable eco-friendly glasses, you’re helping us reduce single-use plastic going to landfill.  At the end of their life, these glasses can be recycled into useful objects such as ice scrapers and coat hangers. 

If you are buying a round, this year, we’ve got some handy reusable eco-friendly plastic handles to make carrying your glasses easier!  Or look out for our new glasses with built-in handles.

If beer is not your thing, then there’s still plenty to choose from:

Wine & Sparkling Wine

  • Red: The Headliner, Merlot (12%)
  • Rose: The Headliner, Pinot Grigio Rose, (11%)
  • White: The Headliner, Pinot Grigio (11%)

Available in 175ml reusable plastic glasses.  Or share a 75cl bottle made from 100% recycled rPET material and fully recyclable!

  • Canvino Bianco (10.5%)  

The clue is in the name!  Our lightly sparkling, crisp, dry white wine comes in fully recyclable 200ml aluminium cans.


  • Silent Pool Gin & Fever Tree Tonic (8.6%)

Check out these ready mixed 250ml aluminium cans with a double shot of local Silent Pool original Gin.

Soft Drinks

Grab yourself a refreshing soft drink, all served in a can. 

  • Cawston Press (330ml cans):
    • Elderflower Lemonade
    • Ginger Beer
    • Sparkling rhubarb
  • Kids Cawston Cartons – try Apple & Pear or Apple & Summerberries
  • Coke & Diet Coke (330ml cans)
  • Water

Teas & Coffees

If it’s tea not TEA you’re after, head to the Tap and choose from English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Herbal, Hot Chocolate, Americano, Latte, Cappucino and Filter Coffee all served in compostable cups.  Dairy free milk options available.

Get Ready with Your Tokens!

This year, we’re introducing tokens!  This will make it quicker and easier for you to purchase your food and drink.  Tokens will be on sale by the entrances for both the Hop Harvest Festival and the TEA Party.  You can buy as many or as few as you like with cash or credit card (excluding American Express).  You can redeem your tokens at any of the bars or food stalls on the day.  For more information about our new token system, be sure to check out our FAQs.

We hope you’ll like our bar line up for 2023!

All information correct at time of publishing (21/7/23).

For more information about the Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party, check out our Party page.

Or book your tickets here: Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party.

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