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Brewery Spruce Up - Hogs Back Brewery

Brewery Spruce Up

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....improvement works are still on-going around the brewery but we hope you can start to see a difference.

Courtesy of Builder Ben and Facilities Apprentice Euan, the new shop door has been fitted, the window frames have been restored....

Euan painting the new shop door

....the brew house doors have been given a fresh coat of paint....

Euan painting the brew house doors

....the step into the brew house itself has been replaced......

Ben and Euan do repairs on the brew house

...and the Shop roof has had some minor repairs.

The next big project is to add a mezzanine level to the Dutch Barn to give us more storage space and to provide a new packing area.  The Dutch Barn is 6.5m high - a normal ceiling height is just 2.4m, so plenty of height! 

Dutch barn

Currently the team use the traditional Grade 2 listed barn by the roadside.  The historic old barn may look beautiful but the team need a bit more space and comfort to carry on packing all the gift boxes year round!

To let sign

Don't worry if you have seen the "To Let" notices at the gate.  We're here to stay but builders merchant, M&J, has temporarily relocated back to its premises in Farnborough, before moving to Aldershot in September.  We're planning to update and subdivide the building so we're on the hunt for new tenants in the food, health or wellbeing sectors.  

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