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Brooklands Gold Star

Brooklands Beer for British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is coming up, so what better beer to drink whilst watching than our bottled Brooklands Gold Star?

Named after the medal awarded to elite drivers and riders at the world’s first purpose-build motor racing circuit, Brooklands is the perfect beer to drink this weekend. 

The Brooklands race track was the first purpose-built motorsports track in the world, built back in 1907 by Hugh Locke-King. Back then, vehicles couldn't reach over 60mph, but the track was designed for speeds of up to 130mph. Gold stars were first given out to riders who were able to lap over 100mph during a race. Only 141 riders in total won gold stars at the track between 1922, when the award was first introduced, and 1939, when the track was then used by the military for WW2.

Brooklands Gold Star

Brooklands Gold Star is a light golden beer with both floral hoppy aroma and some fruit notes in the taste. Pouring a gorgeous gold, this beer is sure to not disappoint as you watch the race either at home or in the bar...

You can purchase some via the Brewery Shop, online, or treat yourself in the Hogs Back Tap. With a live screening of the Grand Prix in the Tap on Sunday 3rd July, you can cheer on the Brits with a beer in hand and surrounded by fellow race lovers. Make sure to reserve your space to ensure you don't miss out! 

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