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A Successful Friday 13th - Hogs Back Brewery

A Successful Friday 13th

Despite the day being famous for causing bad luck, we had great success in our Hangar with Tongham TEA Clubbers coming to taste Friday 13th!

The sun was shining, Friday 13th was handed out by the Snorter for our lovely Tongham TEA Club members, and the Hangar, Bar, and Beer Garden were packed full of cheery people enjoying a pint with friends and family.

We decided against doing a talk in the Hangar this time round for our tasting event, as we felt like our TEA Clubbers might want to enjoy the sunshine, therefore Miles and Rupert were going round and talking to our TTC Members individually. We found that this worked well, everyone enjoyed their more personal talks and could ask lots of questions about the beer, the brewery, and upcoming events! Of course, our TEA Club Members and their guests had the chance to indulge themselves with a Snorter of Friday 13th, our honeyed T.E.A. with a hint of sweetness and an interesting story behind it - read more about this on our Beers from the Past. We even provided them a sample of one of our upcoming beers and they got to guess what it might be - ABV, style of beer, is it hoppy or malty? We received lots of helpful feedback on our beer and we look foward to introducing it soon.

Friday 13th

It was fantastic seeing how many of you are keen for more events, so don't worry, we have an amazing next few months planned with plenty of events to keep you busy! This will include past loved performers such as Grizzly Rhys Morgan, The Noise Next Door, and some newcomers to the Brewery such as DisCover - A good-time rock and pop music band.

Our next events will be our Hop Blessing on Thursday 26th May to bring an abundant harvest, and our Jubilee Barn Dance on Friday 3rd June in light of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee!

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