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A Bar fit for a Party! - Hogs Back Brewery

A Bar fit for a Party!

Welcome to this year’s guide to the Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party Bar…..

On the Bar at this year’s Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party……. Or should I say, on the Bars……This year, there will be two:

The main Bar, in its usual place beside the Shop, will be selling the full range.

The second Bar, in the Tap Room, will be a beer and soft drinks only bar.

Beer, Glorious Beer

Beers on the Bar for the Hop Harvest Festival

On tap, our finest line-up of award-winning cask and kegged ales, lager and cider….

  • TEA 4.2% - Traditional English Ale – a beautiful balance between hops and malt, with a hint of sweetness
  • Surrey Nirvana 4% - Session IPA – easy drinking, citrus and hoppy
  • Hogstar 4.5% - Craft Lager – crisp, cool and refreshing
  • Hog IPA 4.5% - IPA – light, hoppy, citrus
  • Hazy Hog Cider – 5% - full-flavoured, refreshingly cloudy

No Hop Harvest celebration would be complete without Green TEA, brewed with green hops fresh from the hop garden, picked on the morning of the brew.  It’ll be the first brew of the season using this year’s harvest.

Green TEA

Grab yourself a pint or a half, or even a shandy…..Or pick up a 5.5 pint PET plastic container to share with your friends and family.  They’re not refillable, but they are recyclable, so look out for our new recycling bins at the parties.

5.5 pint plastic beer bottle and plastic cup

Or pace yourself with a Little Swine Pale Ale at 2.8% or 1.2%.  There’s under a unit of alcohol each bottle.

Little Swines

All our beers will be served in our resuable plastic glasses. There’s a £1 deposit for each glass, but it’s fully refundable.  Just return your glass at the end of the evening to get your £1 back.  Or if you want to keep your plastic glass as a souvenir of a great day, you are welcome!  Keep an eye out for our 30th anniversary design.

Plastic beer glasses

When we say your glass is reusable, don’t worry!  We’re taking the usual precautions, so when you return your plastic glass to the bar, we’ll give you a fresh, clean glass each time for your beer.  The used glasses will be taken away and cleaned properly in our glass washer at high temperature and stored away for our next party!

By using these reusable eco-friendly glasses, you’re helping us reduce single-use plastic going to landfill.  At the end of their life, these glasses can be recycled into useful objects such as ice scrapers and coat hangers. 

If you are buying a round, this year, we’ve got some handy reusable eco-friendly plastic handles to make carrying your glasses easier!  £1 refundable deposit.

Stackable Cups

Wine, Prosecco & Spirits

Our ever-popular range from the Brewery Shop and Tap Room will be on the Bar:

  • Saint Marc Sauvignon Blanc -
  • La Vuelta Malbec
  • Trumpeter Malbec
  • Lunetta Prosecco Spumante
  • Silent Pool Gin & Fever Tree Tonic/Light Tonic
Wines and Procecco

Sorry, we won’t be selling wine or Prosecco by the bottle as this is a no-glass event.

Soft Drinks

Grab yourself a refreshing soft drink, all served in our reusable plastic glasses or compostable cups.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, try out homemade, fresh Hop Lemonade.  It went down a storm at the Hop Blessing!

Cawston Press cans of soft drinks

  • Cawston Press:
    • Elderflower Lemonade
    • Ginger Beer
    • Sparkling rhubarb
  • Kids Cawston Cartons – try Apple & Pear or Apple & Summerberries
  • Coke & Diet Coke
  • Bottled water

All information correct at time of publishing (7/9/22).

For more information about the Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party, check out our Party page.

Or book your tickets here: Hop Harvest Festival & TEA Party.

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