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5 ways to go 'TEA-TOTAL' this January - Hogs Back Brewery

5 ways to go 'TEA-TOTAL' this January

January is a time to set new goals and start afresh and this year it is especially significant as it is not just the start of a new year but the beginning of a new decade. Many people try out new diets, fitness campaigns or decide to do 'Dry January'; perfectly understandable after all the indulgences of Christmas. However, at the Hogs Back Brewery, we are encouraging people to go 'TEA-Total' in January, to give people the chance to stay social and support their local pub in this challenging month.

According to research by Long Live the Local, three pubs are closing their doors for good every single day, mostly due to the rising cost of management alongside record growth of people buying drinks to consume at home.

We think pubs are the cornerstone of the local community and are still the best place to enjoy a pint, so here are 5 ways in which you can 'Support Your Local, Go TEA-Total'.

  1. Drink TEA!

Make TEA your drink of the month. Our flagship beer was the very first beer we brewed all the way back in 1992 and remains our most popular ale. We're not saying replace your cup of tea with a pint of TEA or that you should drink it every single day this month. In our opinion, having a couple of pints with a few friends down your local once or twice throughout the month is fantastic for your well-being and much deserved during this dark and dank time of the year.

2. Nominate your local for TEA Drinker pub of the Year 2020

If you are a loyal regular at a pub which serves TEA, why not start your own campaign to see if your pub can pick up the award this year! The 'TEA Drinkers’ Pub of the Year competition is open to all pubs serving TEA. Think your local serves a cracking pint or has the best atmosphere in which to enjoy a pint? Vote now before the winning pub is chosen at the end of January.

In January of 2019, The Prince of Wales in Fleet was chosen as the TEA Drinkers Pub of the Year 2019 with many of the regulars starting a campaign to get people to vote. Nominate your local now!

3. Send in your pictures for our Love Your Local competitions

There will be lots of fun ways to take part in the campaign on our social media channels over the month as we celebrate what's best about pubs. Maybe your local has the warmest, most cosy fire; maybe it's the most dog-friendly pub or has the most competitive pub quiz. Share pictures of you enjoying a pint of TEA next to the fire, with your dog or with your quiz team mates.

4. Take part in TEA-Total Thursdays

Each Thursday throughout the month, there will be the chance to win Brewery tour vouchers through our TEA-Total Thursday competition on Facebook. We will put out a post on the Thursday morning asking which friend you will be meeting at the pub later and where you will be going. To enter, all you need to do is tag your friend and the pub you are planning on going to and the lucky winner will win tour vouchers for them and their friend. On the first Thursday you will need to tag 1 friend, on the second Thursday 2 friends, on the third 3 friends, etc so by the 30th it will be a prize for 6 people!

5. Walk the Hogs Back Ale Trail!

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Introducing the Hogs Back Ale Trail, now live on the Cask Marque Cask Finder app. The trail incorporates some of Farnham and Guildford's loveliest pubs as well as some beautiful country pubs in villages along the North Downs Way National Trail. In each pub you can enjoy a pint of TEA or one of the other ales from the Hogs Back range. Sign up now!

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