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5 Tips for enjoying Brewery Fresh Beer at home

5 Tips for enjoying Brewery Fresh Beer at home

It has never been easier to enjoy top quality fresh beer at home, straight from the brewery. Whether you are planning a visit to the brewery or would like us to deliver the beer to you, we have the perfect size containers for each occasion. With beer from as little as £2.20 a pint, here's our guide to our brewery fresh range.

1. Snifters - perfect for trying the keg range

The Snifter is the smallest of our refillable glass containers at 1.75 pints and is therefore the best way to enjoy the freshest beers at home. Once poured by the brewery team, the beer stays fresh in the Snifter if unopened for up to 7 days. It is therefore ideal for Keg beer as it fits in your fridge door so you can enjoy your beer cold and nicely carbonated.

2. Snorters - Ideal for enjoying Cask Ale over 1 or 2 nights

The larger Snorter allows you to enjoy 3.5 pints of fresh beer at home and is ideally suited for our cask beer range. If you are able to keep this in a cool dark place, you can enjoy delicious fresh beer once opened for up to 3 days, making it the perfect choice for your weekend drinking.

3. Mini Kegs - The Garden party organiser's best friend

Whilst our glass refillable containers are fairly unique to us, you are likely to see more breweries offering Mini Kegs. These 5 litre recyclable containers can be filled with each of our beers and we can deliver these to anywhere in the UK. With a pourable tap and pressure regulator, the mini kegs are great for a bit of theatre if you are hosting a garden gathering and mean you can serve top notch beer to your guests.

4. Beer Boxes - Celebrate the end of lockdown in style

If you are looking ahead to organising a larger party this summer, you may be looking for a larger beverage option. We offer 20 pint Minipins or 40 pint Polypins which are ideal for this. These are great for TEA & Surrey Nirvana and our seasonal beers and can be offered in 2 ways:
Fresh (or Bright): Ready to drink straight away, drink within 3 days
Sedimented: Leave to settle for 2 days, drink within 3 weeks

If you are looking for an even bigger option for your party, you can order a 72 pint cask. Please give the shop team a call to discuss your order on 01252 784495 or drop them an email on

5. When to get your beer & enjoy it at its freshest

Obviously, the less time there is between us pouring your beer and you drinking it, the fresher it will be. If you are looking to drink it at the weekend then you could come to our drive-through on a Friday or Saturday and order from your car or alternatively order online and arrange click & collect from when you would like to drink it.

Our new containers allow for fresh beer to stay fresher for longer, enabling us to deliver high quality beer to our local customers' doors. This can normally be arranged within 2 working days so if you order by midnight Wednesday, you can expect delivery by Friday.* All fresh beer can be delivered to home addresses within 30 miles of the Brewery (Mini Kegs available across the UK). Please see a list of valid Local Home Delivery postcodes here.

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*PLEASE NOTE There won't be any deliveries on Good Friday so for Easter orders, please place your Home Delivery orders by Tuesday 30th March. Click here for the Brewery Shop Easter Opening Hours.

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