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RipSnorter x12

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A reddish amber bitter with a powerful malty base and refreshing hoppy high notes on the taste. Brewed with the finest English pale malt combined with some crystal malt and a touch of chocolate malt. A combination of local Fuggles and Golding hops are added at three stages during the copper boil to give the bitter its distinctive taste. 

An Australian brewery visitor tasted the first brew and judged it to a "real Ripsnorter"... we checked the dictionary - it was a perfect description of this beer.

5% ABV

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12 x 500ml bottles

About RipSnorter x12

Beer Sheet

  • Style: Ale
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Allergens: Malted barley
  • Hops: Surrey-grown Fuggles, Goldings

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