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Hogstar Lager- Bottles x12

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A refreshing premium bottled lager with a delicious initial crispiness and a rich hop finish. Brewed with 5 hop varieties including our award-winning, home-grown English Cascade hops, special lager malts and a small quantity of natural herb extracts. The lager is fermented with a lager yeast and then matured for over a month to deepen the flavour for a crisp refreshing finish. 

Winner of multiple awards including World Beer Gold and SIBA National Keg Champion 2015.

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4.5% ABV

Suitable for Vegans

12 x 330ml bottles



About Hogstar Lager- Bottles x12

Beer Sheet

  • Style: Lager
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Allergens: Malted barley, Wheat
  • Hops: 5 hops including home-grown English Cascade

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