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What to drink on National Pie Day this weekend - Hogs Back Brewery

What to drink on National Pie Day this weekend

This Saturday marks National Pie Day - a celebration of the nation's most heart-warming, mouth-watering dish. We are not going to get into the big questions like whether a stew with a pasty lid constitutes a pie or not but we are going to give you our top recommendations for drink pairing from the Hogs Back range to suit each dish for this weekend.

Whether you are making or just consuming we hope you take part in this momentous day - share your pictures with us on social media and let us know if you agree with our pairings.

Steak & Kidney - RipSnorter

RipSnorter is a red amber ale with hoppy notes but a nice plum-like sweetness. It's rich character is perfect for cutting through the dark meaty notes of this pub classic.

Chicken & Mushroom - Surrey Nirvana

An easy-drinking IPA for an easy-eating pie. With citrus and tropical notes to bring out the best from the meat. If mushrooms aren't for you, why not substitute in Asparagus or peas?

Ham & Leak - Hazy Hog Cider

Pork and Apple are a match made in heaven. Our cloudy cider is ideally suited for braising or slow-roasting pork so would definitely work with this pie. If you are less of a cider guy, then perhaps try Hog IPA to add a hoppy twang to the mouthfeel of the dish.

Fish Pie - Hogstar Lager

Moving from pastry to potato means a lager is best suited for this one. Our Hogstar has a greater depth of flavour and aroma which makes it best suited to the fish like Salmon and Cod.

Apple Pie - A Over T

If you are finishing you meal with a fruit pie this weekend, you will need a big drink to accompany. Try A Over T, our 9% barley wine with a complex taste combining rich fruit flavours and a strong warming presence. The perfect beer for slowly sipping whilst reclining after the meal!

You can order your beers for Home Delivery on our shop website or can arrange Click & Collect from the Brewery. Alternatively, use our drive-through service and we will bring your bottles or Brewery Fresh beers to your car in a matter of moments.

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