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Thinking Drinkers Take the Tap By Storm - Hogs Back Brewery

Thinking Drinkers Take the Tap By Storm

It was a night like no other in the Brewery Tap as the The Thinking Drinkers arrived with their unique Pub Quiz on Friday.

Thinking Drinkers at the Brewery Tap

Playing to a packed audience, The Thinking Drinkers, aka Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, took us on a rip-roaring exploration of the world of drinks and much, much more. 

Audience at Thinking Drinkers comedy

Audience enjoying Thinking Drinkers comedy

The discerning drinkers in the audience were guided expertly through not just a beer, but a carefully selected gin, a tonic, a bourbon and a sipping rum.

Helped by a "willing" volunteer, Josh, the evening passed in a flash....

Thinking Drinkers with audience member

......and concluded with a well-deserved standing ovation for the comedians.

Ever popular, they were happy to chat to the audience after the show and sign their latest book.  Certainly the brew team enjoyed the evening!

Thinking Drinkers with brew team

A thoroughly entertaining evening was had by all and we can't wait to see them back at the Tap next year.

Thinking Drinkers

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