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The Brewery Shop's Top 5 Belgian beers - Hogs Back Brewery

The Brewery Shop's Top 5 Belgian beers

Belgium is renowned for having the oldest and most experimental brewing traditions in the world. Under normal circumstances, British beer fans would take the short hop over to Belgium to experiment with some surprisingly strong beers around the Golden Place in Brussels or visit the famous Beer Wall in Bruges. They have many varied styles of beers from the traditional trappist beers to lambics and guezes where brewers really play around with house yeasts to develop some revolutionary flavours.

The shop is famed for having one of the best Belgian selections in the South East and the team have taken a look at the shop shelves to pick out some of the best Belgian beers which celebrate all their wonderful styles. Don't forget we also have quite a lot of the beers matching glasses too!

Tripel Karmeliet

Triple Beer

Abbey beers are part of the cultural landscape in Belgium. For example this beer is in the style introduce in the 1600s by The Carmelites, formally known as the Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel.

Blond, robust, smooth and fruity 3 grain beer, with final fermentation in the bottle. Brewed after the carmelite tradition.

8.4% ABV


Trappistes Rochefort 6

Belgian Trappist Beer

Another trappist beer but this time a lot darker and richer.

Mocha and caramel notes with yeasty herbal notes, rounded with a slightly sour taste.

7.5% ABV


Floris Framboise

Belgian Fruit Beer

Belgium is also home to some delicious fruit beers which are worth a try. The most common flavours Cherry, Strawberry and in this case Raspberry.

Sweet raspberry aroma and flavour with an excellent sweet-sour balance.

3.6% ABV


Geuze Mariage Parfait

Belgian Lambic Beer

To make a perfect lambic beer, you leave your brewing vessels open for air-born wild yeast to ferment your beer. It takes time but it is worth it for a beer like this.

Traditional Belgian 100% spontaneously fermented lambic. Tart, dry and complex aroma

8% ABV

375ml or 750ml

Chimay Red Premiere

Belgian Trappiste Beer

There are only eleven Abbey breweries worldwide that produce Trappist beer and Chimay is one of the originals.

Brewed in a Trappiste Abbey, with a fruity taste accompanied by a slight bitterness. Beer fermented in the bottle.

7% ABV

330ml or 750ml

You can purchase online or come to the drive-through to buy plus learn more about our Belgian, British and Craft range. Plus now, we have opened a new socially-distanced browsing shop in the Hogs Back Tap so you can talk to a member of staff to get their opinion.

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