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TEA Party Announcement - The Farleys - Hogs Back Brewery

TEA Party Announcement - The Farleys

The Farleys will be back at the Hop Harvest TEA Party this September!

Playing unique reworkings of popular songs, the Farleys combine great musicianship and off-the-cuff humour to deliver rabble-rousing sets at festivals, pubs and private bookings alike.

The Farleys are a family band - all brothers - and all the songs they play have been written by their mother - Ma Farley - over the last hundred or more years.  She’s a remarkably well lived woman due to vitamins, prayer, and a voracious sexual appetite.
Unfortunately, over the decades, Ma’s peccadillos with the leading names in music have resulted in many of these amazing songs being stolen from Mama’s Chest as she lay sleeping in post-coital bliss.  This is why they might sound familiar to you.  Legal proceedings are underway.  We do not expect to win them.

They reinvent popular songs in trademark swing/skiffle style. Bringing their unique mix of swing/pop/country to covers of everything from the classics to the contemporary. Cover artists as diverse as Lady Gaga, The Stranglers and Tom Waits: all with the unique Farley twist. Instruments include: banjo, saxophone(s), ukuelele, bass, trumpet, clarinet, accordion, guitar, drums. Sing in three-part harmonies, sharing lead vocals between band members.

The Farleys

Book now for the 2024 Hop Harvest TEA Party on Sunday 15th September.

Click here for more information about the Hop Harvest Party Weekend on 13th -15th September 2024.

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