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TEA Club twiddle for beer! - Hogs Back Brewery

TEA Club twiddle for beer!

Today saw a merry band of our Tongham TEA Club members visit the Brewery to help to 'twiddle' the hop plants. To make sure the hop plants grow at the right time through the year, it is key that the best and healthiest hop shoots are 'twiddled' or trained to grow up the string. After a short introduction on how to 'twiddle' by Matthew, our Hop Estate Manager, the TEA Club members were let loose in the hop garden. We spent a great morning in the hop garden cutting back those shoots that are too small, and those that have raced away up the bine, and then encouraged the best shoots to 'twiddle' themselves up the bine. And to reward all this hard work, a glass of T.E.A was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all those who came along - your help is much appreciated! In particular by Matthew who has to oversee the twiddling of over 3,000 plants. We look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour later in the year as the hop plants grow strong and healthy. If you would like to take part in the next hop garden event, beer tasting and other events, become part of our TEA Club here.
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