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Strings Attached! - Hogs Back Brewery

Strings Attached!

Matthew is certainly wondering where all the spring sunshine has gone to!

The winds and rain of March has meant a delay to stringing in the hop garden

But undeterred and starting on the Spring Solstice on 21st March, Matthew has managed to string 10 rows of our heritage Farnham White Bine hops.

Stringing Attached

It’s very soggy out in the hop garden but Matthew hopes to finish the 100 miles or so of stringing in May.  

Now it’s over to the hops as there’s less than 3 months growing time until the Summer Solstice when the hops should be at the top of the poles!

Hop twiddling is on target to start in May so if you want to get involved, find out about the Hogs Back Hoppers.

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